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We are leading professional manufacturer of commercial electronic scales with more than 20 years experience.

OEM and ODM products is available for customer, as long as customer meet the MOQ. Also we have engineers for logo and products design for customers.

We accept EXW payment term.

Samples within 7-14 days and bulk quantity within 30 days.

We can accept sample order firstly. So there is not limit for MOQ.

Yes, welcome to our factory, it is very nice to set up good relationship for business.

Yes, welcome to be our agent. For the details, please contact with our overseas manager.

When we send the shipping cost to you, we always offer the cheapest and safest courier by comparison.

Safe packing for long distance shipping. We can design exclusive packaging to save costs.

We provide 12 months quality warranty after dispatch, we also provide long time free technical advisory services.

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