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Dedicated to agricultural trade, supermarket cashier application


Dedicated for wholesale, canteen purchasing. It can be matched with any platform.


Dedicated for wholesale, canteen purchasing


Intelligent identification electronic scale can fully meet the user's various weighing and scene application needs: supermarkets, farmers' markets, fruit stores, organic farms, etc

Company Profile

Zhongke Sinxin Technology is a technology-based company specialized in designing, R&D, manufacturing, and sales. The team has more than 15 years of experience in intelligent weighing instruments.

The founder was the responsible person who used to work in the R&D dept of a listed company. We have rich experience, including motherboard R&D, algorithms, operating systems, application software, and independent patents and intellectual property rights. Our intelligent weighing instruments are based on the open Android system, providing many secondary development interfaces; we can offer OEM and ODM customization according to customer requirements.

The most significant feature of our products is that they are suitable for harsh environments, including high humidity, high dust, moving, vibration, and other occasions, and they can maintain stable and accurate operation. We also have more than eight years of experience in cloud computing, big data, and AI identification, and we can successfully connect with various cloud platforms (such as Amazon Cloud and more).

The largest smart agricultural wholesale market Internet platform

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Smart weighing scale for fresh food delivery

01.Smart weighing scale for fresh food delivery

Smart weighing scale for fresh food delivery,designed for catering,school,canteen,supermarket when receiving goods,the corresponding order weight processing, to ensure the actual weight of the warehouse and financial settlement.
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Smart weighing scale for agricultural market

02.Smart weighing scale for agricultural market

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Agricultural trade market

03.Agricultural trade market

The purchase-sale-inventory function of smart scales is an important part of the supermarket business scenario. It can help merchants manage the commodities better, including purchasing, sale and inventory of goods, and improve the operational efficiency and profitability of supermarkets.
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